Waterless Toilets


‘A huge problem facing every country in Africa‘

The efficient and hygienic disposal of human waste

To avoid epidemics decent sanitation is vital for public health



‘A unique system that disposes of the liquid waste and creates an odourless powder for normal household disposal’





Contact Details: Bossie Clarke | Cell No: 082 441 7748 | Email: bclarke@mweb.co.za

Waterless Household Toilets

  • 100% Waterless
  • Odourless, chemical free, closed system
  • No linkage to sewerage system required
  • Solar powered to enhance the aerobic processes
  • Requires the occasional adding of a bulking agent
  • Minimal weekly and monthly maintenance
  • Capacity 4-6people-constant daily use
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Primarily a dehydration and aerobic process
  • Secondary function: Composting process
  • Processing cycle: 4 weeks
Manufacturing process:
  • Plastic injection moulding-toilet components
  • Production capacity – 20 000 units per month
  • Material and components – SABS approved
  • ISO 9001:2000 – manufacturing processes
  • 30 years iro. – patented plastic components
  • 1 year iro. non patented solar components

Communal Waterless Toilets

Our communal toilet is a waterless, evaporative and dehydration system, transforming human solid waste into a safe, neutral, pathogen free material without the use of water, electricity or chemicals.

  1. How does the communal toilet operate;

It works using sun and wind, which provide the catalyst for liquids to evaporate and solid matter to dehydrate.

  1. The Waste Management factor;

The waste is exposed to both ventilation and heat, which causes the necessary dehydration and evaporation to covert human waste, into a dry and stable waste, with the dry waste roughly 5 to 5 – 10% of its original mass, and its transformation is a result of the natural occurring bacterial and biological activity.

Advantages of our Toilets Waste Management
  1. Odorless
  2. Only requirement is intermittent raking and treatment with compost and enzymes
  3. Non-polluting zero discharge system
  4. Conserves water resources
  5. No Chemicals used
  6. No expensive reticulation required
  7. Waste is stabilized and does not require treatment at a waste treatment plant
  8. No expensive vacuum trucks needed on-site
Servicing Procedure:

This procedure has been kept as an easy to operate procedure.

Technical expertise or expensive tools are not required, making this an excellent opportunity for sustainable long term job creation or SMME development.

Guarantee et al.
  1. Expected life 50 Years
  2. Recycling 100% Recyclable.
  3. Guarantee 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  4. Waste management **Ask us for sites where the human waste has been used for Agriculture purposes.

waterless toilets

Waterless Toilets

  1. Prices for single units are available – bulk orders will be discounted – prices on request
  2. A formal quote/pro-forma Invoice will be drawn up as soon as your requirements are assessed and agreed upon.
  3. It is very important that a formal assessment of the situation/area be done in order to make sure that we have the correct toilet/s allocated at a station where quantities are important.

In the case of the household units we need to make sure that the family using it are 4-6 people.


  1. Elite Solar :

Domestic Single Use Dry /Waterless Solar Powered Toilet for 4 – 6 users (complete with all parts and components):

  1. Communal Toilet :

C2020 – Communal model 20 users per day

Mandatory Extras include [will differ from place to place]:

  1. First and Final Compliance Certification wherein we certify that the units have been properly installed [if installed by us] PER UNIT
  2. User Education [if required] PER UNIT
  3. Light Weight Steel Concrete Top structure [for either unit – if required]
  4. Solar Power Light Kit [for either unit – if required]

(Complete with 2 lights and build in cell phone charger)

  1. On site construction [if a DIY option is not carried out]

Of top structure & installation of toilet unit, solar panel & lighting kit, training & commissioning.

Includes all materials i.e. concrete, cement, paint, labour to one site.


  • The Company offers a Maintenance contract – optional.
  • Payment terms – 50% on order and 50% on delivery