Why Condoms?

Apart from being a form of contraception Condoms are highly effective against sexually transmitted infections.

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading killers worldwide.
The virus weakens the immune system and ultimately leads to death.

Condoms effectively prevent HIV transmission through sexual INTERCOURSE.


We have a partnership with a Reputable Wholesale Supplier Based in South Africa.




Our Partner has a successful company specialising in supplying condoms and other products to the leading pharmacy and retail groups in South Africa. A presentation to the Minister of Health last year was enthusiastically received and bodes well for a future tender opportunity.
Our Partner was formed in 2009 to supply tailor made healthcare products to major retail groups in South Africa.
Their international business is conducted through their company based in Mauritius.

Our Partner offers:

• Market research and strategic planning
• Packaging design
• Developing & sourcing quality products at a very competitive price
• Full import and logistics services

Our partner uses several state-of-the-art production plants overseas to manufacture a wide range of condoms and other latex based medical disposables to cater to the worldwide market.
They are managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and throughout the years have developed sophisticated state of the art machine manufacturing capabilities.
They are committing themselves to a strategy of continuous improvement.

About our partner:

They are an innovative company specialising in the wholesaling of condoms and other related products.
They have, with their suppliers, entered into special agreements in the form of distribution and marketing of their In-House brands, which have resulted in a wide supply of unique and brand new products at very competitive prices.
All products are approved for sales and distribution within Africa and other countries and meet all the statutory demands.
They are constantly aiming to have an updated product range, with different and unique products.
Our partner believes that they, together with their customers, can increase the usage of condoms thus creating a safer environment.
This should, hopefully, result in a lowered number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Background – Condom Usage

• Problem: HIV/AIDS is one of the leading killers of adults worldwide.
The virus weakens the immune system and ultimately leads to death.
• Program: Condom promotion, through education, counselling and advertising, encourages the use of condoms.
Condom distribution makes condoms readily available to individuals either for free or at highly subsidized prices.
• Track record: Condoms effectively prevent HIV transmission through sexual INTERCOURSE.
The effectiveness of condom promotion and distribution programs is less clear.
• Cost-effectiveness: Condom promotion can be highly cost-effective, estimated as preventing a case of HIV/AIDS for $550-2,240, but costs vary widely along with the specific type of program implemented.
• Bottom line: Condom promotion and distribution is likely an effective program at preventing HIV INFECTIONS, under the right conditions.

Condoms Grid

* Amounts based on the SA charter to distribute 1 billion per year.

I have taken a more conservative figure of 600M to calculate on a pro rata basis based on population. Amounts will need to be verified according to each country’s Health Departments’ policy.




CERTIFICATION with a carefully managed ISO 9001 quality system, our partners have the full confidence that their products meet the different expectations and requirements from all over the world.
Our partners’ products meet and exceed the requirements of all major international standards including ISO 4074, WHO and European Standard CE 120
Standard: Latex condoms conform to Tender’s Specifications or ISO 4074 equivalent.
Nominal width: 53mm Length : 180 mm (min.)
Foiling Specifications: 55 x 55mm square PET foil printed with designs as per specification.
Condoms are individually sealed and lubricated with silicone oil.




Most orders fulfilled are with plain transparent condoms; bulk – printed with customers own artwork.


Bulk, 1 packs, 3 packs, 12 packs, 24 packs. 100 packs. Strip foils. Single foils
Classic, dotted, ribbed, thin, extra strong, contoured, endurance, extra-large, erection enhancer.


All basic colours e.g. green, blue, red, etc.


Strawberry, banana, orange, mint, chocolate etc. Aromatic Flavours:
Vanilla, spearmint etc.

Sizes (mm):

Small 49 x 175, regular 53 x 180, large 56 x 205

Foils (mm):

Rectangular 63 x 30, square 55 x 55. Single or double skin printing


Silicone (standard), long lasting, spermicidal, water based


CE-mark, FDA, ISO 4074 Conformance, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Production Timelines:

Normal production time is 60 to 90 days production from receipt of final artwork plus allow 4 weeks shipping and clearing.

Our partners will organise:

• Design and artwork
• Liaise with their factory through email, phone and personal visits when necessary.
• Organise all shipping and road transport.

Pricing for plain condom with aromatic flavour.
Depends on quantity
Excludes any VAT and import duties if applicable.
INCLUDES shipping and delivery to one port/warehouse.
Financial Conditions
50% deposit prior to placing an order with our factory and 50% paid ON DELIVERY after inspection at customs.

Schools Safe Sex Project

• To educate younger students, we can mastermind a special project for delivery to all the secondary schools in Africa.
• This could consist of:
• A quality condom
• One sachet of lubricant
• A packing insert/leaflet detailing the correct use of the lubricant and condom plus advice on safe sex techniques.
• The above packaged in a plastic folder
• Sponsors logos can feature on the leaflet and folder
• Schools can run competitions with prizes of specially designed T Shirts and button badges.